Pipedream surfboards was the brainchild of Murray Bourton who was in the 70’s a wandering surfer from Vicco who eventually settled on the Gold Coast early in 1971. Inspired by shapers Gordon Merchant and Michael Peterson Murray, kicked off with the label Pipedream in 1975.

It evolved into a dominant Gold Coast brand over the next 30 years and had helped start the careers of some of today’s top Australian shapers. The integrity of the name Pipedream to this day, is as strong as it ever was even though it has been in limbo since Murray moved his focus onto a label in his own name called Bourton Shapes which is squarely aimed at the performance end of modern short boards.

This business model concentrates on customer interaction via an online format and is proving to be a very successful direction for Murray. In order to find another direction for a vintage and well respected surfboard label like Pipedream Murray has decided to diversify and relaunch the label into the burgeoning price point Mini Mal and Fish market, but with a difference!

Most products in this market have been dumbed down for price and market considerations but Murray will have none of this.  In fact with his vast knowledge in hydro dynamics Murray believes that there are many facets of surfboard design that although not as simple as some of those currently in the market, can, and are in fact, very advantageous to the beginner and indeed also to the proficient surfer who wants a specific addition to his quiver.

The main theme of this series is- there are many ways to make a performance board paddle well for a beginner without throwing too much foam at it. Many of these bottom designs have evolved during the Bourton shapes period and have been applied to Pipedream’s model range.

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