Even way back to the Wayne Lynch era in the late sixties and early seventies there has been a fascination with what they then called  “double enders”. The rounded at both ends type planshape has been appearing and disappearing over the last 40 years. Of late this design has attracted me because of its width forward which makes it ripe for a five fin design where I think it will be at its most functional.

The Hypto Kripto ridden by Ando is also along the same vein, but is narrower and although a thruster; it was still one of the best sellers last year- an indication that surely the market is warming to the old double enders. Even though the bubble has what one could call a retro type planshape, by no means the same could be said about the profile and its bottom shapes. The middle slice has an aggressive 5 mm concave running into a single double running through to a sudden little tail vee exiting the last 6” of the tail. The rails are a low box type shape – great for slamming and releasing.

The bottom rocker is pure 21 st century with low nose entry and enough tail kick to get vert. The  Bubble design is a five finner which I believe opens up its versatility for all types of wave conditions. In small peaky conditions thruster mode suits and bigger, longer, hollower- the quad set up will be the smart choice. The inclusion of the Bourton Mini Keel will help the boards grip and squirt in even bigger waves. The Bubble design is on the cusp of being a good starter for beginners in the bigger sizes and a high performance small wave board in the smaller sizes for those who rip.

The Bubble has the Bourton Diagonal weave for extra lateral strength and has the carbon tail wrap to keep the integrity of the round tail and the sharp bottom edges. With two layers of 4 oz on the deck and 1 layer of 4 oz on the bottom the Bubble has the same dent strength as the standard stock board but is made stronger around the feet positions by the added carbon vee insert on the deck. This carbon insert also gives the board extra lateral strength. All bubbles come with a sanded finish.

5.6 X 20 X 2 3/16 = 26.48 LTRS
5.8X 20 ¼ X 2 ¼ =  28.34  LTRS
5.10 X 20 ½ X 2 5/16 =  30.08LTRS
6.0 20 ¾ X 2 3/8 =  32.38  LTRS
6.2 X 21 X 2 7/16  =  34.41  LTRS
6.4 X 21 ¼ X 2 ½  = 36.52  LTRS
6.6 X 21 ½ X 2 5/8  = 39.98  LTRS

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