The Pipedream EPS Pinger has evolved over the last 3 years to the point where I do think this years will be the best one yet. I have paid more attention to detail with the inclusion of a small flute out the last flyer, slightly lower rails,  a more tapered tail and the inclusion of the new FCS2 fin system. PURPOSE The Pinger is primarily a small wave five finner with a few attributes that give it a little more hold in mid size waves. Constructed from EPS and sporting a wider flatter nose with the Bourton Cathedral hull- this … Continue reading


The Black Knight could be described as a retro thruster, or, indeed a board inspired by the success of the Hypto Kripto, but whatever its likeness, it is essentially a fast high performance short board that paddles like a demon and can, and should be ridden 2” to 4” shorter than your normal Go- To. PURPOSE The Black Knight is primarily targeted at those who seek to go shorter without loss of paddle, but who, will only ride a thruster. To facilitate this, the nose needs to be wide and flattish and the tail pulled in so it will not … Continue reading

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