Up to this point the re vamped Pipedream label has concentrated mainly on smaller wave five finned fishes. The introduction of the Mojo is a slight departure from this norm with an accent on higher performance and increased versatility. It is true that with the 5 fin combos on the market today boards have a greater range of wave sizes they can tolerate. The Mojo is certainly a leading design in this vernacular and is capable of being nursed in double overhead and still lively in waves as small as 3 ft. Sporting the tried and tested Bourton Cathedral Hull the … Continue reading


Even way back to the Wayne Lynch era in the late sixties and early seventies there has been a fascination with what they then called  “double enders”. The rounded at both ends type planshape has been appearing and disappearing over the last 40 years. Of late this design has attracted me because of its width forward which makes it ripe for a five fin design where I think it will be at its most functional. The Hypto Kripto ridden by Ando is also along the same vein, but is narrower and although a thruster; it was still one of the … Continue reading

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