Up to this point the re vamped Pipedream label has concentrated mainly on smaller wave five finned fishes. The introduction of the Mojo is a slight departure from this norm with an accent on higher performance and increased versatility. It is true that with the 5 fin combos on the market today boards have a greater range of wave sizes they can tolerate. The Mojo is certainly a leading design in this vernacular and is capable of being nursed in double overhead and still lively in waves as small as 3 ft. Sporting the tried and tested Bourton Cathedral Hull the Mojo … Continue reading


The Glider Mini Mal design has not changed over the last 4 years mainly because it has been so successful for its intended purpose. The Glider, sporting the proven nose lifting Cathedral hull and quad fin application has filled a void for those who are coming off the soft board and onto the real thing. Not short on paddle and stability this mini mal can still certainly be thrown about by those with more talent as well. The extra paddle is hydrodynamic rather than just simple extra volume. The increased tail lift and longish 4 mm vee through the last … Continue reading


The Pipedream EPS Pinger has evolved over the last 3 years to the point where I do think this years will be the best one yet. I have paid more attention to detail with the inclusion of a small flute out the last flyer, slightly lower rails,  a more tapered tail and the inclusion of the new FCS2 fin system. PURPOSE The Pinger is primarily a small wave five finner with a few attributes that give it a little more hold in mid size waves. Constructed from EPS and sporting a wider flatter nose with the Bourton Cathedral hull- this … Continue reading


The Black Knight could be described as a retro thruster, or, indeed a board inspired by the success of the Hypto Kripto, but whatever its likeness, it is essentially a fast high performance short board that paddles like a demon and can, and should be ridden 2” to 4” shorter than your normal Go- To. PURPOSE The Black Knight is primarily targeted at those who seek to go shorter without loss of paddle, but who, will only ride a thruster. To facilitate this, the nose needs to be wide and flattish and the tail pulled in so it will not … Continue reading

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